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"The essence of the West with a vintage to modern flair."


A distinctive collection of timeless, hard-to-find pieces that have been hand selected to fit an array of styles. From vintage squash blossoms and sterling silver stackers to pearl-snap shirts and cowboy hats, the pieces in this shop have a story to tell. Find the essence of the West with a vintage to modern flair at Strong Tower Designs.

Strong Tower Designs-0814_edited.jpg


As you wander the historic streets of downtown Saratoga, the windows full of Native American handiwork at Strong Tower Designs are sure to catch your eye! Friends, old and new, file through the door in search of not-so-new treasures to claim as their own. 


If the lights are on, the door is open! Owners, Ray and Jamie Bernal, carefully select pieces with the goal to create a personal connection for the onlooker; invoking childhood memories - reminding them of times past or loved ones lost.  


Rather than focusing on selling a product, Ray and Jamie strive to build relationships with their clients. With extensive knowledge about artisans, historical trends and design techniques as well as the latest fads, they are attuned to meeting the needs and individual style of each customer. Strong Tower Designs takes pride in offering something for everyone. If you’re looking to invest in your first vintage piece, or your fiftieth, Ray and Jamie are happy to assist in any way they can. Nobody leaves Strong Tower Designs a stranger!

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